Les Archers de Cantley

Initiation Courses

Whether it's for family fun or hunting, the club Les Archers de Cantley offers interior initiation courses on Monday nights for a duration of 8 hours total.

  • The course includes 4 two hours sessions: one hour of basic theory followed by one hour of physical shooting using practical techniques learned in class.

  • At the end of the course, participants will understand shooting techniques and will have a good overview of what equipment is needed to perform archery.

  • All the material to shoot is included for the duration of the course and a instruction booklet is given to each participant for later consultation.

  • Anybody can shoot. There is no minimal age however, any kids under the age of 12 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

  • A maximum of 10 participants per course is allowed.

Note: (Plan for an extra pair of shoes that can be used inside a gymnasium.)



Adult: $60.00

From 17 years old and lower: $40.00


Centre multiculturel de Cantley, 6 Impasse des Étoiles, Cantley (Quebec) J8V 0C6


Daniel Coussineau 819-607-3666